First Level - Course Specification of Industrial Engineering (IE) B.Sc Program.
First Semester  
 MAT 121 Mathematics III. 3Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Ordinary differential equations: linear, homogeneous, nonhomogeneous, variation of parameters, series solution. Fourier series. Lapalce transform: definitions and theorems, transform of derivatives, solution of ordinary differential equations, transform of integrals, solution of integral-differential equations.
 MAT 151 Introduction to Statistics.3 Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Probability and sampling. Basic statistics: mean, median, and range. Normal distribution curves. Types of distributions.
 ME 141 Mechanical Drawing. 4Cr. 2-4-0 Hrs/wk.
Principles of mechanical design. Engineering drawing, symbols and terminology. Machine elements: projection and cross sections. Assembly drawing. Computer-aided design.
  ME 131 Materials Technology. 3Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Introduction to the structure and properties of engineering materials including metals, alloys ceramics, plastics, and composites. Characteristics and processing affecting behavior of materials in service.
  ME 151 Thermodynamics. 4Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Properties of mixtures, air-vapor mixtures, applications. Thermodynamics of combustion processes, equilibrium, energy conversion. Power, and heat engines.
  GNS 101 Technical Report Writing. 1Cr. 1-0-0 Hrs/wk.
Technical terms and abbreviations.Translation. Formats and methods of writing:reports,bids, CV, correspondence. etc.
Second Semester  
 MAT 132 Mathematics IV. 3Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Partial differential equations: types, methods of solution, applications. Complex analysis: functions of complex variables, integration in the complex plane, conformal mapping, bilinear transformation. Vector analysis: vector functions; linear, surface and volume integrals; integral theorems. Green's, divergence, and Stoke's theorems. Applications.
 ECE 132 Electric Circuits II. 4Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Network analysis for AC circuits. Power in a two-wire system with sinusoidal drivers. AC network theorems. Dependent sources. Fourier method of waveform analysis. Single and two-port networks. Resonances. RLC sinusoid transients. Three phase: analysis, balanced and unbalanced loads. Circuit analysis using computers.
  ME 142 Design of Machine Elements. 4Cr. 2-4-0 Hrs/wk.
Continuation of ME 141.
  ME 122 Manufacturing Processes I. 4Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Basic manufacturing and forming processes. Casting technology: types, applications. Welding technology: metallurgy, processes. Forigne technology. Sheet metal forming.
  CE 102 Introduction to Information Technology. 3Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Introduction to the design and use of computer-based information system. Software and hardware used in information system, information requirements. Communication systems. Networking. The Internet: the foundations, resources and uses of the internet, emphasizing practical skills for finding, reading and authorizing materials. Fundamentals of computer communication networks. Introduction to computer networking elements communications architectures and protocols. HTML principles and applications. Case studies.
  ECE 134 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. 3Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Linear electric circuits: DC and AC circuits, transients. Electronic circuits: diodes, transistors and amplifiers, operational amplifiers, digital electronics. Electric machines and transformers: feedback control system, electrical instrumentation.
  GNS 102 Word Processing. 1Cr. 0-0-1 Hrs/wk.
Use of a software for word processing. Writing of texts and mathematical equations. Graphic representation. Tables.