Second Level - Course Specification of Mechatronics Engineering (EME) B.Sc Program
First Semester  
 MAT 241 Special Functions and Integral Transforms. 3Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/ wk.
Gamma and beta functions. Bessel functions. Leg ender polynomials. Her mite functions. Chebychev polynomials. Applications. Fourier integral, Fourier transform and applications, z-transform and applications.
 MAT 271 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics. 3Cr. 3-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Logic, mathematical induction, sets, relations, functions, introduction to trees, combinatorics, algebraic structures, congruences, group and their factor groups, lattices, Boolean algebra, fields.
 CE 201 Advanced Algorithms. 4Cr. 4-2-2 Hrs/ wk.
Design and analysis of efficient algorithms for sorting and searching. Storage management. Combinational algorithms: shortest paths, maximum flows, dynamic programming, backtracking, heuristic algorithms.
  ECE 241 Electronic Circuits. 4Cr. 4-2-2 Hrs/ wk.
Bias stability in transistor circuits.. Large signal power amplifier, bipolar and MOS transistor amplifiers, frequency response of transistor amplifiers. Tuned amplifiers. Multitransistor circuits. Introduction to operational amplifiers and their applications. Feedback concepts and feedback amplifiers. Oscillators, sweep generators, multivibrators . Simulation of electronic circuits using SPICE.
  ECE 243 Digital Electronics. 3Cr. 3-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Logic gate families, memory devices, PLA, buffers, three state devices. A/D and D/A converters.
  EN 211 Engineering Problems of the Environment I. 1Cr. 1-0-0 Hrs/ wk.
An introduction to the engineering design of measures to limit impacts on the environment. Global and local cycles in the hydrosphere , atmosphere and biosphere , energy and materials balance in environmental problems, source control of pollutants. The process of establishing environmental goals is discussed.
Second Semester  
 MAT 252 Introduction to Probability and Statistics. 3Cr. 3-2-0 Hrs/ wk.
Probability spaces and models. Independence, conditional probabilities. Random Variables. Expectations. Binomial, hypergeometric, and Poisson, s distributions. Continuous spaces. Normal distributions. Introduction to statistics. Statistical inferences.
 CE 232 Database Systems. 3Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Introduction to database systems. Access methods and file systems to facilitate data access. Hierarchical , network, relational and object-oriented data models. Query languages for models. Embedding query languages in programming languages. Database services including protection, integrity control and alternative views of data. High level interfaces including application generators, browsers , and report writers. Introduction to transaction processing. Database system implementation.
  CE 212 Digital System Design. 4Cr. 4-2-2 Hrs/wk.
Multifunction minimization of combinational circuits, formal and informal methods . MSI and LSI logic design. Synchronous sequential circuits. Control unit. Asynchronous sequential circuits.
  ME 252 Mechanical Engineering. 4Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Screw fasteners, riveted and welded joints. Rolling and contact bearings. Mechanical springs. Belt and chain drives. Clutches and brakes. Thermodynamics : first and second laws, processes, cycle, compressors, steam genetation. Hydraulics: definition of fluids properties of fluids, hydrostatic pressure, pressure variation in fluids and applications, flow through pipes. Friction losses, pumps
  CIE 202 Civil Engineering. 3Cr. 3-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Analysis of statically determinate beams, rigid frames and trusses. Design and analysis of metallic and nonmetallic structures, including reinforced concrete.
  EN 212 Engineering Problems of the Environment II. 1Cr. 1-0-0 Hrs/wk.
Continuation of EN 211.