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Coures Synopses of Mechatronics Engineering (EME) B.Sc Program - Second Level.
First Semester
MAT 241 Special Functions and Integral Transforms. 3Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/ wk.
Gamma and beta functions. Bessel functions. Leg ender polynomials. Her mite functions. Chebychev polynomials. Applications. Fourier integral, Fourier transform and applications, z-transform and applications.
EME 231 Electromechanical Energy Conversion I. 3Cr. 3-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Electromagnetic forces and torque, magnetic circuits and transformers, DC machines, three-phase AC synchronous and indication machines.
ECE 243 Digital Electronics. 3Cr. 3-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Logic gat families, memory devices, PLA, buffers, three state devices. A/D and D/A converters.
ECE 241 Electronic Circuits. 4Cr. 4-2-2 Hrs.wk.
Bias stability in transistor circuits. Large signal power amplifier, bipolar and MOS transistor amplifiers, frequency response of transistor amplifiers. Tuned amplifiers. Multitransistor circuits. Introduction to operational amplifiers and their applications. Feedback concepts and feedback amplifiers. Oscillators, sweep generators, multivibrators. Simulation of electronic circuits using SPICE.
ECE 261 Electromagnetic Fields and waves I. 4Cr. 4-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Review of static electric and magnetic fields and applications. Conductors, dielectrics, magnetic materials. Time varying fields. Maxwell's equations. Wave equation. Propagation and reflection of plane waves. Acoustical waves: reflection, transmission, and absorption of sound.
EN 211 Engineering Problems of the Environment I. 1Cr. 1-0-0 Hrs/wk.
An introduction to the engineering design of measures to limit the impacts on the environment. Global and local cycles in the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, energy and materials balance in environmental problems, source control of pollutants. The process of establishing environmental goals is discussed.
Second Semester
MAT 252 Introduction to probability and statistics. 3Cr. 3-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Probability spaces and models. Independence, conditional probabilities. Random variables. Expectations. Binomial, hypergeometric, and poisson's distributions. Continuous spaces. Normal distributions. Introduction to statistics. Statistical inferences.
EME 232 Electric power Engineering. 4Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Introduction to power systems. Transmission lines.load characteristics. Low voltage distribution systems. Underground cables. Associated power equipment and switch-gear. Power factor correction. Introduction to power system protection.
EME 262 Engineering Materials. 3Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Bonding in solids, crystal systems; classification of metals, semiconductors, and insulators; defects in crystals, defect analysis in engineering materials, relationship to physical and mechanical properties, measurement of mechanical and physical properties, materials characterization.
CE 212 Digital System Design. 4Cr. 4-2-2 Hrs/wk.
Multifunction minimization of combinational circuits, formal and informal methods. MSI and LSI logic design. Synchronous sequential circuits. Control unit. Asynchronous sequential circuits.
CIE 202 Civil Engineering. 3Cr. 3-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Analysis of statically determinate beams, rigid frames and trusses. Design and analysis of metallic and nonmetallic structures, including reinforced concrete.
EN 212 Engineering Problems of the Environment II. 1Cr. 1-0-0 Hrs/wk.
Continuation of EN 211.
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