Fourth Level - Course Specification of Industrial Engineering (IE) B.Sc Program
First Semester  
 CIE 431 Production and Operation Management. 3Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
A survey of the concepts and methodologies for management control of production and operations systems. Topics include: inventory control, material requirement planning, aggregate planning, scheduling and projects management.
 IE 471 Industrial Safety. 3Cr. 4-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Application of human factors and engineering practice in accident prevention and the reduction of health hazards. Safety and healthy practices that fall within the responsibilities of the engineer in industry.Detection and correction of hazards. Contemporary occupational safety and healthy laws and their enforcement.
 ME 421 Industrial Technologies I. 3Cr. 3-0-2 Hrs/wk.
Technology of different industrial sectors: food, car assembly, petro-chemical, semiconductor and electronic. Case studies and site visits.
 CE 437 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. 3Cr. 3-0-1 Hrs/wk.
Basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. Heuristic search. Problem solving, same paying, knowledge representation, logical inference, planning, reasoning under uncertainty, expert system, learning perceptions, language understanding
 CE 491 Project I. 3Cr. 2-0-4 Hrs/wk.
Supervised projects in small groups of students aimed at providing practical experience in some aspects of computer hardware, computer software, and information processing. This is accomplished through lectures, discussions, field visits and individual design.
Elective (2)
 EM421 Consumer Behavior: 3 Cr. 3-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Motivation, Learning theory, perception, attitude theory, and social referent and how they affect consumer behavior. Consumer measurements and strategy.
 ME 432 Non-Conventional Machining and forming Processes. 3Cr. 3-1-1Hrs/wk.
Mechanics of metal removal process. Ultrasonic machining. Sand blasting. Spark erosion machining. Electron beam machining. Laser cutting. Electrochemical machining. Electric discharge machining. Submerged arc welding. Gas metal arc welding (GMAW; MIG/MAG). Gas tungsten arc Welding (Gtaw). Plasma arc welding. Ultrasonic welding.
Second Semester  
 Note This is a repeated Course It is modified to EM444
 EM 442 Quality Management Systems. 3 Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Concepts and statistical methods employed in the assurance of quality. Process control, quality function deployment, design of quality, management of quality costs. Quality standards, ISO 9000 series.
 ME 424 Industrial Technologies II. 3Cr. 3-0-1 Hrs/wk.
Continuation of ME 421.
 IE 442 Automation and Robotics. 3Cr. 4-1-0 Hrs/wk.
The different types of industrial robots and their applications in manufacturing. Concepts of robotics use in computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) and flexible manufacturing. Concepts of safety. Application limitation and economic justification. Automated material-handling equipment.
 EM 422 Industrial Marketing Management. 3 Cr. 3-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Industrial market behavior and market segmentation. Planning and marketing research. Determination of price, product, distribution and promotion in the context of industrial marketing. Industrial marketing evaluation and control.
 CE 492 Project II. 3Cr. 2-0-4 Hrs/wk.
Continuation of IE 492.
Elective (3)
 EM 412 Decision Analysis. 3 Cr. 3-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Quantities methods of decision-making. Important mathematical models useful in decision processes. Model-structure assumptions limitations and methods of use. Concepts and models of support systems for management decision problems.
 ME 422 Advanced Manufacturing Machinery. 3Cr. 3-1-0 Hrs/wk.
Automation in machining and cutting machinery. Automatic and semi-automatic machines. CAM design for automation, computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. Part programming.