The Quality Assurance Unit was established in 2009 by the Institute in accordance with the program of ensuring the quality of the educational process.

The Quality Assurance Unit plays a role in making students aware of the goals, in-puts and out-puts of the educational process, as well as the various grading systems and the titles of references required for completion of this process.

The QAU also provides a questionnaire to evaluate students' opinions and views during the eleventh week of the semester. This questionnaire is a classified, electronic questionnaire, through which a student expresses his/her opinion freely on the courses covered, exams, staff members and facilities. Then, the QAU carries out a statistical analysis of the questionnaire in order to be able to examine it carefully to decide on points of strength and weaknesses to take the necessary action to improve the quality of the institute's educational process

The QAU seeks to fulfill the criteria of the National Association of Quality Assurance of Education (NAQAAE). This is carried out to apply for accreditation and ensure, along with the Institute's Administration, the graduation of qualified engineers who are capable of both meeting with requirements of the job market and competing with other graduates of local and international universities and institutes.