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The following rules and regulations apply to all undergraduate programs at the AIET Institute.
Grade-Point Average

The current GPA is an average determined by weighting each grade received (4.0 for an A. 3.7 for an A‑, etc.) during a given term and multiplying it by the number of credit hours in the course to obtain the quality points of that course, adding up all the quality points, and then dividing the sum by the total number of course credit hours obtained during that term (attended hours – AHRS). Grades F, E, and NE are included in the current GPA.The cumulative GPA is the weighted average of all the courses taken by the student except those to which grades F, E and NE are assigned (earned hours-EHRS), since his/her admission to the AIET Institute.

Graduation Grade

The students' graduation grade is based on the cumulative GPA approximated to two decimal digits and follows the following system.

 Grade  GPA
Excellent (A)  3.50 - 4.00
Very Good ( B )  2.70 -3.49
Good ( C )  1.70 -2.69
Pass ( D )  1.00 - 1.69
Therefore, the current GPA = 40.9/18 = 2.272.
Graduation Requirement

Students are required to pass all courses offered in the curriculum with grade D or higher.

Repetition of Courses

A student has to repeat courses in which he/she received a grade of F, E, or NE. The highest grade a student can get in a repeated course in which he/she received a grade F or NE is D+.
While a student can get the actual grade he/she obtains in the final examination of a repeated course in which he/she received a grade E.

Student Promotion

A student is promoted to a higher class if he/she has obtained a passing grade in all the courses of the class he/she is registered in. Also, if he/she has a failing grade in no more than two courses in the class he/she is registered in and/or from previous classes.

A student who is promoted to a higher class carrying one or two courses from previous classes will sit for the final examination in these courses when they will be offered in the following academic year.

Final academic class students who have failed in one or two courses can repeat the final examination offered especially for them at the end of the summer term.

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