Industrial Engineering (IE)
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Smouha, Alexandria 21311 Alexandria, Egypt.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering.
Acting Head, Industrial Engineering (IE) Department.
1- Education
Degrees :-  
B. Sc. in Mechanical Eng. With V. Good .degree Awarded by Alex Univ. 1971.
M. Sc. In the field of Combustion and Heat Transfer.Awarded by Alex Univ. 1977.
M. Sc. in the field of Energy. Awarded by B.M.E Budapest 1979.
Ph.D. In the field of Energy Conservation and Air pollution.Awarded by B.M.E Budapest 1982.
Positions Held:-
Demonstration : from Feb.1972 to Mar1978.
Lecture Assistant : from Mar 1978 to Dec 1982.
Lecture : from Dec 1982 to Mar1988.
Professor assistant : from Mar1988 to Jan 1994.
Professor : from 23/1/1994.
Head of mechanical engineering dept.from October 2004 to October 2007
Teaching,Research and Educational Experience:-
1- Member of research group (AEP) in the project "Energy conservation "In industrial boilers. "
2- Member of research group (AEP) in the project "Environment and air pollution ".
3- Member of research group (AEP) in the project "Use of Natural gas in the industry"
4- Consultant experience in energy system – Heat Engines and Air pollution and  fir fighting.
5- Prof. A.H. ELASKARY Published over 30 papers , has 30 years of teaching experience in the field of undergraduate as well as graduate teaching and supervising has been accumulated through the following :Arab gulf Iraque - Libya - Alexandria university(Egypt) - Arab Academy for science & Tech. - Menofiya University. Pharos Univ. in Alex.