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     Continuing Education and Training Center

It is of vital importance that Egyptian society has a work force capable of adapting itself to the competitiveness on the global market. It is also essential that businesses become viable members of the global economy and take part in changing the deficit of the trade balance to the benefit of the Egyptian society.

AIET has established the Continuing Education and Training Center (CETC), which offers a variety of training courses designed to provide the trainees with the required qualifications to be able to adjust to a constantly changing labor market.

     CETC Goal

It is a goal of The Continuing Education and Training Center to provide meaningful, quality education and professional training compatible with the needs of our trainees. The administrative process of the continuing education and training programmers will utilize your background and grant credit for what you have already learned, whether in the university or on the job.

     Dedicated Professional Training

CETC has seen Dedicated Professional Training as one of the most important tasks to employ trainers who not only have academic background but who also have hand-on experience from the business world. The combinations of theory and practical experience add a new dimension to the learning process. In addition, CETC is continuously working on upgrading of the instructors’ academic and teaching skills and inventiveness using new methods, principles and technologies that cut across traditional subject boundaries.

     Move Your Career Forward

CETC provides trainees with a forum to demonstrate and apply their research skills and cognitive abilities at every level of the curriculum. As a result, will gain theoretical knowledge, as well as the real world application of skills demanded by today’s dynamic global society.

CETC is committed to meet the needs of qualified highly motivated, independent students whose geographic limitations or time constraints preclude them from their education in traditional on campus education programs
CETC courses aims to give participants new skills and latest trends to gain new skills, strengthen the international competence of the participants and give specialists border knowledge with will make them more flexible to meet the demands of the modern business world
     Training and Certifications:
1- In the field of computer software and hardware, information technology, we are:
1- ICDL Certified Testing Center
2- Microsoft IT Academy
3- Cisco Networking Academy
4- Prometric Testing Center (under construction)
2- Marketing, management, e-commerce and e-business courses.
3- In the field of languages and translation, we are aiming to launch an English Program, which contains
1- General English Courses
2- English for specific purposes (Engineering, Marketing, …etc)
3- Business and academic skills (Report writing, C.V. writing,…etc)

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