Computer Engineering Department (CE)  

Computers infiltrate all areas of activity in our life. Nowadays, government departments, industrial firms, universities and business establishments can not do without computers. In view of the novelty of computer technologies and the multitude of their attendant problems, there emerged a desperate need for national specialists and qualified personnel who can cope with the tremendous pace of development in computer technology, and who can contribute positively in solving the problems hindering the optimum use of such technologies in different areas. Based on the objectives of AIET in qualifying specialists in technological and engineering fields, and in response to the increasing demands for computer engineering, it was natural to establish a computer engineering department within the institute.

  Department Objectives.  
  The Computer Engineering Department manages and conducts all activities regarding course work, lab experiments, and hands-on computer sessions in the area of computer engineering at large. This ranges from specialized short courses to 5-year computer engineering programs. The department is supported with a wide range of well-equipped computer labs and facilities to allow providing about 50% of study time to hands-on experience.  
In order to accomplish the aforementioned objectives, the Computer Engineering Department offers the following:
   B. Sc. in Computer Engineering,  
Training and Consultation, and
  Graduate Opportunities.    
  The responsibilities of the graduate of the Computer Engineering Department encompass specifying the most suitable computer equipment for a certain function, offering expert opinion and consultations in the field, supervising computer installations and operation, planning their sites, environments and design, and the implementation of software packages.  
  The Department aims to provide a significant educational level, dependent on the national and international academic standards, to contribute in various Computer Engineering fields, scientific research and community services.  

The Department seeks to graduate qualified engineers through a distinct educational program in the field of Computer Engineering to meet the requirements of the labor market, adapt to rapid changes in the fields of science, research and technology and contribute to the development of society and the surrounding environment.