Prof. Dr Prof. Dr Mohamed El Said Nasr, Dean, AIET  
  We would like to welcome all new students in the preparatory year, congratulate and wish them success while studying at the Institute in all of its departments. Students in different academic years are all congratulated on the new academic year and assured that the Institute exerts all efforts in providing all the academic and scientific facilities and opportunities for all, in order to prepare students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering to enable them to work as qualified professional engineers, both academically and morally, in the work market.  

Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology has a huge number of specialized, eminent staff members, who exert their best efforts, and which reflects on our graduates and their professional reputation.

  Dear Students,  
  The Institute's academic curricula have been carefully selected to cope with the modern technological revolution. These curricula provide graduates with the required mental and technical skills in order to create and innovate in different engineering and industrial institutions, in order to meet with the requirements of the work market, not only on the academic level, but also on both the regional and international ones.  
  Your Institute invites you to receive science, knowledge and skills. To do these, you must work hard on your academic studies and training to set an example for your peers and to be a source of pride for your institution, country and nation. This is due to the fact that the development of a civilization is always measured by the science, knowledge and skills of its generation in all fields.  
  You are further invited to take part in the different extra-curricular activities of the Student Union, in all of its different committees. This is because the Institute's Academic Management, as well as the Student Care Unit, exert their best efforts to offer their services to the Institute's students. Therefore, you are welcomed to participate in all of our activities, while working on achieving your ultimate goal, which is receiving your Bachelor of Science with honors to be able to become capable engineers in serving your local community and in building your great, beloved country, Egypt.  
                                                                                                                                              Dean, AIET