Mechatronics Engineering Department (EME)  

The new Department opened in 2001 upon recommendations based on a thorough market survey. The objective has been to establish a strong program in a much-needed specialization that would complement, rather than duplicate, the offerings of national universities. In reality, most Mechanical Engineering programs of study are oriented towards producing design engineering in the various sub-areas of Mechanical Engineering. However, the Mechatronics Engineering program is directed to fostering technological advances in the industry, equipment and methods, project level controls and management. The program is expected to fill the gap between the design- oriented education of Mechanical Engineering programs and industry. This gap has been a major concern of international organizations who are involved in Mechanical Engineering in Egypt, as well as Arab and African countries.

  The Role of Mechatronics Engineers:  
  Mechatronics Engineers play a major role in energy utilization and conservation, in solar energy, design and selection, management, operation and maintenance of both conventional and non-conventional power plants, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, transportation and automotive fields, and in the fields of automation, fluid machinery, production and processing machinery including the petroleum and chemical fields.  
  The department aims to graduate engineers scientifically distinct to be able to participate in the area of Mechatronics Engineering depending on a high quality education in conformity with the local and international standards that contribute to community service.  

The department aims to graduate generations of engineers in the field of mechatronics engineering to participate in more than one area of work; in factories and public and private companies. This is possible through the application of technological progress and scientific research methods on all equipment and by controlling the standards of projects and management for the purpose of serving the industrial society. These generations will help in the design of mechanical engineering machines and equipment and in the wise use of energy as well as the management of the operation and maintenance of integrated systems, and hence contribute to community service.