General Information .
Alexandria Higher Institute For Engineering & Technology was established in accordance with Ministerial Decision number 1103, 24/9/1997. The institute is supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. Egyptian students are nominated to attend at the institute via the Tertiary Administration Center, Stamp no. 365/4. As for Arab students, they are nominated through the Tertiary Administration Center for Equivalent Certificates, and for foreigners, through the Administration of Expatriates. The Institute admits successful students, preparatory year, first year or above, who are referred or transferred from similar institutes or universities.
1 What are the Institute’s Departments?
2 What are the admission criteria?
3 What are the benefits of admission?
4 What necessary documents are required for enrollment?
5 What are steps are taken for registration?
6 What are the conditions for transferring from another university/ institute?
7 What is the average grade for admission?
8 What is the language of instruction?
Institute’s Departments: Top
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is a unique practical department that consists of highly-qualified teaching staff members and a number of contemporary-modernized labs in this specialty. During his study, a student designs, analyzes, and controls advanced electronic circuits, and identifies audio systems, visual monitors and video systems. In addition, a student is becomes familiar with computer devices. All these makes a graduate of this department an inventor and creators of electronic and communication systems as they design, manufacture and inspect electronic and communication systems that run on advanced signals.
Computer Engineering (CE) is a significantly-highly practical department as computers plays a role in all life fields and in all homes as well. Most governmental institutions, industrial companies, universities and commercial establishments cannot operate without computer devices. As a result of the ever-increasing technological advancement, there is a strong need for qualified specialists and employees who are capable of handling a huge amount of information required for technological development in all fields of work. They should also be able to contribute positively in solving the problems that prevents the best use of technology in different fields.
It is due to the importance of this department that the institute appoints highly-qualified and highly-skilled teaching staff members. Furthermore, the institute provides well-equipped, advanced computer labs as the study plans involves a huge practical portion of the total number of credit hours for each academic course.
The responsibilities of the computer department graduates include specifying the most suitable devices for specific tasks, providing expert, technical consultations in the work field, supervising establishments that run on computers, planning sites and environments, and designing and controlling data packs.

Mechatronics Engineering (EME) is a new and unique department that involves a number of engineering specialties involved in more than one working field as in factories, as well as public and private companies, in order to implement technological advances in equipment, industrial, project standards and management. In addition, graduates of this department fill the gap between education, aimed at designing mechanical engineering programs, and industry. They also play a significant role in energy use and conservation as in solar and wind energy production, as well as other renewable sources of energy. They manage, control, operate and maintain power stations, both traditional and non-traditional ones, heating, ventilating and conditioning and transport. They also operate in the auto-manufacturing fields, textiles industry and machine-making used in the petroleum and chemical fields. The institute takes pride in the highly-qualified and skilled teaching staff members, as well as its advanced labs in this field.
Industrial Engineering (IE) is a unique program that aims at preparing graduates for working in the industrial engineering field. This is made possible through studying engineering courses that offer professional, artistic and mental skills in order to be able to develop and enhance production lines in companies and factories, in order to produce a high-quality product, sought by the surrounding industrial society. This is carried out by producing creative industrial designs created due to the existence of unique advanced, modern labs in the institute which are comparatively unequalled by other scientific establishments.
Institute’s Admission: Top

 The institute receives high-school graduates who are nominated through the Nomination Office, as well as transferred students after the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, in addition to those students who have equivalent certificates from Arab, foreign, SATs, IGCSEs, and Azhar’s Secondary certificates. The institute admits students who are not Egyptians in accordance with the state’s general rules and regulations specified by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Benefits of Joining the Institute:  

 The institute offers the Bachelor of Science in four specialties that are equivalent to the B.Sc. provided by Egyptian Governmental Universities in equivalent specialties. The certification is accredited by the Minister of Higher Education.

 The equivalent B.Sc. provided by the institute offers graduates the following privileges:

1- Applying for Post-Graduate studies (Diplomas, Masters, and Doctorate degrees) in Public and private Egyptian universities.
2 -Joining the Egyptian Military Forces and Police Forces as specialized engineering officers.
3- Receiving the membership of the Egyptian Syndicate for Engineers.
4- Providing the same rights, duties and responsibilities offered by the governmental faculties of engineering in Egypt.
Necessary Documents for Admission: Top
• Regarding Nominated Students:
1. Original Birth Certificate (National Number) 2. Original Success Report Form (High School Certificate) 3. Military(اتنين جند) Form from the Security Directorate
4. Military (اتنين جند) Form for those born in 1997 or before ( from a police station) 5.A print out of the nomination card from the Nomination website 6. personal photographs
7.A copy of the Identification Card 8.Tuition fees  
• Regarding referred students - In addition to the above documents
1. A Statement regarding the situation of students who are registered elsewhere
2. The Nomination Card of fresh students who are nominated elsewhere.
3. A statement and transcript of the courses covered by referred students from peer institutions and course descriptions..
Institute’s Admission Steps: Top
1- A student or parent must bring the previously-mentioned documents and head for the Student Affair Department at the Institute and hand in the required documents to the specialized employee for reviewing.
2- Upon reviewing the documents, the employee responsible for the preparatory year writes down the tuition fees payment receipt to be paid by the student at any branch of the CIB. After payment, a student or parent returns to the institute to submit the deposit receipt at the institute’s treasury and receive a tuition fee payment receipt accredited by the institute.
3- A student or parent fills out the admission application form with the student’s data.
4- Upon completion of previous steps, the student receives a college ID card of the academic year and date.
Transfer Conditions:  
1- The institute allows transfers on the condition of meeting the minimum requirements for admission in the year of receiving the high school certificate.
2- One of the conditions of transferring from an equivalent engineering institution is that a student should have successfully passed in the study, as well as should have met the minimum requirements for admission in the year of receiving the high school certificate.
Grade for Admission:  
The admission grade to the institute is decided by the Nomination Office, and is not decided by the institute.
Language of Study: Top
English is the language of study.