Electronic Service                                                                                                                               
    Alexandria Higher Institute for Engineering & Technology provides unique electronic services for students to develop the educational process. This is done through the Institute's website (www.aiet.edu.eg), internet service and student e-mail. The Institute's website contains various important information that all students should learn and continuously refer back to, like announcements, important news, academic timetables, university rules and regulations, and study schedules. Academic staff members, as well as teaching assistants, can also upload the scientific material of lectures and lessons. The Institute offers a wireless internet service to assist students in browsing and reviewing their assignments while they are on the premises, in addition to providing them with a special lab that consists of not less than 30 computers via which they can access the internet. A student's e-mail is considered one of the most important electronic services offered by the institute as it is considered a reliable and official means of communication between the Institute and the Student.  
  Admission and Coordination Affairs                                                                                                      
    AlexandriaThe Admission and Registration Office (Student Affairs) at Alexandria Higher Institute for Engineering &Technology is the student's pathway towards university life as it takes care of all students' affairs, starting from admission and till graduation. It also provides services to students after graduation through the (Graduate Affairs) Office. The Student Affairs Office provides services through a fully-integrated electronic program that stores all students' data, starting from the date of admission, academic grades as well as all financial records.  
    The Student Affairs Office provides direct services, that include:  
      Receiving fresh students and their parents and answering all their inquiries regarding admission.  
      Receiving admission documents and registering them for admission in the Private Institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education.  
      Communication with students to notify them of any required dates, meetings or documents.  
      Answering all inquiries regarding admitted students.  
      Handing students their tuition fess receipts.  
      Handing students their Identification Cards to prove their admission to the institute.  
      Accrediting students’ documents.  
      Handing students their reports, and status to whomever is concerned.  
      Corresponding with parents through mail upon the request of the Institute Administration.  
      Receiving students’ petitions concerning their exam results and delivering them responces.  
    AlexandriaThe Library at Alexandria Higher Institute for Engineering & Technology provides its services for all departments. It is provided with enough financial resources to enrich it with a selection of books and references in all specialties, in addition to information technology services. The library opens its doors throughout the day, and it benefits all students, staff members and teaching assistants by looking-up, borrowing or browsing the internet to look for a specific book or reference. The Library also offers a peaceful environment for students to study during their breaks in between lectures and lab sessions.  
  Students Theater                                                                                                                            
    Alexandria Higher Institute for Engineering & Technology consists of a Theater located on the fourth floor of the main building. This theater is used for all occasions, student's celebrations and all purposes of interest.  
  Bank Service                                                                                                                                   
    In order to facilitate tuition fees payment and bank services, the institute collaborates with the Qatar National Bank (QNB) to offer a unique service to students, as tuition fees can be paid in any of the bank’s branches all around the country. These branches provide their services until five p.m. or Fridays and Saturdays of each week.  
  Health Care                                                                                                                                   
    Alexandria Higher Institute for Engineering &Technology cares for providing health care for its students once they are admitted to the institute and throughout their study period and during exams. The Medical Clinic offers first aid, blood pressure measurement, temperature dropping medication, anti-spasms and pain killers. The Institute provides medical care for students through Medical Insurance.