Student must hold the Egyptian high school certificate, Mathematics section, or an equivalent certificate accepted by the Egyptian Government. Egyptian students are nominated for admission to the AIET through the Ministry of Higher Education Admission Coordination Office for Universities and High Institutes. Foreign students are nominated for admission to the AIET Institute according to the general regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.  
  In pursuit of selecting the best qualified candidates, students must obtain a high grade in an entrance examination. Entrance examinations in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and the English language are held with grades having the weights of 3, 2, 1, and 1, respectively.  
  Students must fulfill all requirements and comply with the rules of the AIET. Full-time study is required by all students.  
Admission of International Students  
  Applicants from Arab and foreign countries are considered for admission on the bases of credentials certifying the completion of secondary school. Their secondary school certificate should be recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and should be equivalent to the Egyptian high school certificate.