Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET) is a private institute of higher education founded in 1996 and owned by "Mohamed-Ragab Foundation for Social Development" which is a non-profit organization, registered under No. SR 1075 with the Egyptian Government.The motivation behind establishing this private institute is to fulfill the industry‚Äôs needs in Egypt for engineers who are well-educated and trained in modern engineering and technological fields. Engineering technology is a relatively new discipline. The programs of study at AIET are designed to meet the growing need created by the technological revolution for college-educated problem solvers who can support the engineering process by bridging the gap between the blueprints and the production line.  
  AIET Institute is a co-educational where female students are admitted, same as male students, to all departments. The language of instruction is English. The main objective of the AIET is to share in the education of the Egyptian youth as well as those from other countries, and in the advancement of knowledge.  
  The undergraduate curricula are well designed to keep up with the latest development in each particular field of study, so that the engineer will be able to make appropriate decisions based on sound engineering academic and technical principles.  
Undergraduate Programs  
  The Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET) comprises four departments, namely:  
  Since at AIET, each department offers one program carrying its name, the two-word department and program are equivalent and thus interchangeable. The program of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Engineering extends over five academic years. The Bachelor of Science programs are offered by the departments. The four programs have common a preparatory year and they branch starting the first year. The three first programs, however, have many more common courses to form one complete, common academic year.  
  The Industrial Engineering Department is common with the other three departments in the preparatory year, and it branches starting the first year.  
  The academic year is divided into three terms (Semesters) ( Fall; Spring and Summer). The fall and spring terms or semesters are of seventeen weeks each, while the summer term is only eight weeks. If the two Islamic Festivals lie in the same term (semester), one extra week is added. The summer terms in the first four years of study are available for students to do practical training in industry, whether in Egypt or abroad. Selected courses by the AIET may be offered in the summer term in which students can register in for not more than two courses, according to the regulations of the AIET Council and without contradiction with their summer training.  
Cultural, Sports, and Recreation Activities:  
  General lectures on cultural aspects are regularly held. Lectures in arts, environment, humanities, etc. are given by specialists in the field. Promotion of appreciation and activity in these fields is greatly emphasized. Also, the AIET has access to modern sports centers. They house multipurpose gymnasium; swimming pool; basketball, volleyball, handball, squash, and tennis courts.  
Career Planning:  
  The AIET provides assistance in defining students career objectives based on factual information about the job market and an understanding of interests and skills acquired through education and life experience.  
Health Services:  
  Besides the clinic which is registered on the AIET premises, students are covered by a health insurance policy.