First Level - Course Specification of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) B.Sc Program
First Semester  
 MAT 121 Mathematics III. 3Cr. 4-2- 0 Hrs/wk.
Ordinary differential equations: linear, homogeneous, nonhomogeneous, variation of parameters, series solution. Fourier series. Lapalce transform: definitions and theorems, transform of derivatives, solution of ordinary differential equations, transform of integrals, solution of integral-differential equations.
 PHY 121 Modern Physics. 3Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Special theory of relativity.Quantum effects:particle aspects of electromagnetic radiation,photoelectric effect,Compton effect,wave aspect of material particle,De Broglie's wave,Davision and Germer experiment.Complementarily principle.Uncertainty principle.Atomic structure:Rutherford's atom,Bohr's theory,spectrum of hydrogen atom,atomic quantum numbers,Introduction to nuclear physics:properties of nuclei,radioactivity,and nuclear reactions.Survey of particles and forces.
 ECE 131 Electric Circuits I. 4Cr. 4-1-2 Hrs/wk.
Circuit elements. DC electric circuits. Circuits laws.theorems. Power and energy. Time domain analysis in capacitive and inductive DC and AC circuits. Introduction to the sinusoidal systems. Phasors.
  ECE 133 Measuring Instruments and Electronic Transducers. 3Cr. 3-0-1 Hrs/wk.
Introduction to measurements and measuring instruments and systems. Bridges. Cathode ray oscilloscope and applications. Introduction to data acquisition systems. Electronic transducers for measuring temperature, force, displacement, sound, light, and ionic potential.
  CE 101 Structured Programming and Data Structures. 4Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Internal representation of data. An in-depth study of recursion. Abstract data structures via pointers. Stacks, queues, lists, trees, and graphs with applications.
  GNS 101 Technical Report Writing. 1Cr. 1-0-0 Hrs/wk.
Technical terms and abbreviations. Translation. Formats and methods of writing: reports, bids, CV, correspondence. etc
Second Semester  
 MAT 132 Mathematics IV. 3Cr. 4-2-0 Hrs/wk.
Partial differential equations: types, methods of solution, applications. Complex analysis: functions of complex variables, integration in the complex plane, conformal mapping, bilinear transformation. Vector analysis: vector functions; linear, surface and volume integrals; integral theorems. Green`s, divergence,  and Stoke`s theorems. Applications.
 ECE 132 Electric Circuits II.4Cr. 4-1-1 Hrs/wk.
Network nalysis for AC circuits. Power in a two-wire system with sinusoidal drivers. AC network theorems. Dependent sources. Fourier method of waveform analysis. Single and two-port networks. Resonances. RLC sinusoidal transients. Three phase: analysis, balanced and unbalanced loads. Circuit analysis using computers.
  ECE 142 Basic Electronics. 4Cr. 4-1-2 Hrs/wk.
Fundamental physics of semiconductor devices. Various circuit models of diodes, bipolar junction and field effect transistors. Basic amplifier design. DC biasing and small signal analysis.
  EME 132 Electric Energy Sources and Applications. 2Cr. 2-0-1 Hrs/wk.
Conventional and unconventional energy sources. Electric energy storage systems (e.g. batteries).Solar energy and applications. Wind energy and applications. Transmission of applications.
  CE 112 Fundamentals of Logic Design. 4Cr. 4-1-2 Hrs/wk.
Number systems.Boolean algebra and gate circuts.Describing logic equations.Realizing logic in hardware. Combinational circuits. Building blocks for digital design, building blocks with memory, introduction to sequential circuits. The arithmetic-logic unit. The memory element.
  GNS 102 Word Processing.1Cr. 0-0-1 Hrs/wk.
Use of a software for word processing. Writing of texts and mathematical equations. Graphic representation. Tables.